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How To Write And Make Money Online - Blogging

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

For many people, writing can be and sound like a back-breaking task, especially if people are doing it as a job. But the truth is, making money online writing is very simple and also can make great pay overtime:

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Like with anything, becoming a writer and making a decent living with it is going to take some time and work. Then, once you have built your career in writing, you not only find it easier to write, but you also increase the opportunity of making more money on the internet. A Lot of people when they think of writing as a career they think it requires going to college for long periods of time and spending thousands of dollars receiving a degree in order to get hired for a writing career. Well, today I'm going to show you how you can skip years and years of learning how to be a professional writer, save thousands of dollars that you would normally spend at a college and also give yourself the power to be a self-employed writer.

I know this may sounds a little too good to be true, but best believe that it is 100% possible! In fact, some of the most successful people that have a writing career are making 6 -7 figures yearly and didn't even have to go to college either.

So today, I want you to drop any negative beliefs that you may have about a writing career and instead look at it as a large money-making opportunity for yourself. If you want to make a massive amount of income online writing and start to see results within months, then you’ve come to the right place. And, I'm also going to make it clear why writing and making money online blogging is one of the best ways to make a self-employed income:

Why Would People Want To Work Online In The First Place?

Working online and becoming self-employed is the right option for you if:

- You are tired of not being able to be your own boss and being controlled by other people above you

- Wanting to increase your income and feel that your job is not giving you good raises, or not letting you grow financially like you want to

- Feeling like you want to be able to have more time to travel, spend time with family and choose when and where you want to work

- Are tired of the typical 9 - 5-day job and are wanting to change the way that you make a living

- Are willing to put in hard work, make a small investment and be patient for your investment to bring you to bring rewards in the near future where you will never have to work again for anyone else except yourself!

If this sounds like you and any of the following examples above are an explanation of how you feel about making an income, then you are in good luck. So now let’s dig deep into exactly how you can make income online writing and also what you’ll need:

To Be An Executive Online, You'll Most Likely Need Your Own Piece of Pie Online!

When I say that being your own executive first means having your own piece of pie online, I mean in other words that you’ll need your own website. Anyone that makes their own website is like owning a piece of land online that they can call theirs. You can take this blog as an example since I am the owner of this blog, I call the shots of whatever happens inside. And this is what you want as a self-employed person making an income on the internet - Investing in your own piece of land online.

This is the first and one of the most important parts of making money online writing and in return becoming a success story. You are more likely to increase your income with your own website rather than writing for others.

There are tons of writers and bloggers online that have done this and have found it so much easier to increase their earrings in the online world. With that being said, a website is basically a platform where you can create, wait and earn a massive amount of income.

Here are the three most important things you need to know and do make money online as a writer blogging:

How Will You Make Money Online Writing Your Own Blog?

If you’re very new to the concept of blogging, it’s most likely that you are unaware of how people make money with blogging In the first place. But creating an income with your own personal blog is actually very simple, and can eventually turn to a passive income for you.

The first way that people make money with there own personal blog is by using a method known as Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a technique that bloggers use where they affiliate themselves with other companies and when someone buys something from there website, the blogger makes a commission for it. In other words, bloggers add product hyperlinks to their site and each time someone clicks it and buys… CHA-CHING! But this is just a way of how to you’ll make money online. If you want to know more details explaining each and every step about affiliate marketing and how you’ll make money with it blogging, go to my other blog post Free High Paying Affiliate Program - Pro Blogger.

The second option to making money online writing and blogging is writing for other people that are bloggers. As I mentioned before, there are millions of people online that own their own websites such as online stores and bloggers. Although there are many writers that are capable of writing their own quality blogs, sometimes even the most popular bloggers and writers need help with content creation.

This is where you can make some extra money once you get the hang of blogging. You not only can make money with your own blog, but you can help other bloggers blog.

Plus, when you create your website and start adding juicy content in it, you can use your blog as proof that you have blogging and content experience.

This means more opportunities for you to be able to write for people and also make another stream of income writing. Depending on who hires you, you can make between $25 - $500 per blog post you write, but most people looking for blog writers pay about $150 for a good quality blog post on their site.

I honestly think that Fiver would be the best place for people to review your previous work as a writer/blogger ( your blog as an example) and potentially get people to pay you to write for them. Linkedin is also a good site to make a profile and allow people to find you and hire you to write their blog posts.

These are the 2 top choices that I think are the best for bloggers to find writing jobs and earn extra money on top of the money that there already making with there own blog. But there is an ocean full of other sites that you can also get writing jobs as well.

My advice to you is if you are looking to make a living writing but are completely new to it online, start with option 1 first. Then, once you build momentum with your own website, you can start making writing for other bloggers your second way of earning online writing. Doing this can literally make you a 6-figure earner a year when combining the earnings that you already make with your previous blog with the income you make writing for others. Simply writing online on your own time schedule.

Next Step, Get Creative and Creating Your Blog!

My most highly recommended blog creator is on, which I actually have used to personally create some websites myself and I have to say WIX the best I have used so far. And another thing I like about Wix is that not only can you create your website however you want, but they also have incredible deals. From time to time, they give out promotions up to 50% off the website you create, which in return can save you hundreds of dollars.

But I recommend to keep checking in with Wix once in a while as their promotions come in go, and it seems to me that they have the 50% off promotion once a month, but it really depends, so I would just keep an eye out for it.

If you've tried Wix before and do not like it, or would like another option for creating your blog, Weebly is another good option. With over 50 million people that are using there services!

Becoming a writer/blogger online has truly been one of the best ways people can make an income online. Although most people don't like the idea of having to type and write for long periods of time, the pay so works it. Literally, there are some professional bloggers in the online world making up to 7-figures a year PASSIVELY!

But many of the people that are making 6-figures or more writing and blogging built up their career over years and years of hard work, but now can do little to no work today and enjoy the lives they truly wanted in the first place.

And this is all I want from anyone that takes this advice, to invest, work hard for the first few years, and then be able to kick back in there chairs and enjoy what they truly deserve - financial freedom!

Leave a comment below if you have any questions or just wanting to comment on this topic. We'll reply as soon as possible. Cheers to making a successful online income!

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