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Brainstorming In Writing - Creating New Blog Content!

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Want to learn how to create stellar blog posts that will most likely be able to rank high in Google?! The higher your blog posts rank, the more potential money you can make with your blog! Your position in google search is extremely important and key to scaling your website:

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To achieve being a very successful blogger and gain a healthy relationship on the internet, there is no doubt that you will always need to have valuable content. Not only does this content has to be something that people find worthwhile reading, but you also have to come up with new creative ideas in your content. If you want to build traffic to your website and get people engaged in what you are writing about, the first thing it needs to be is unique and important.

But the truth is, half of the bloggers today online can find it a difficult task to create content on their blog of topics they haven't really been talked about. And sometimes, this even results in bloggers not posting any more blog posts on their site. Unfortunately, once the blog owner stops posting on their site or not consistently posting on their website, their relevancy will start to disappear on the internet.

In other words, not being able to post new and unique content at least once a week will cause your blog to lose traffic and even lose income opportunities. To help avoid running into this problem, we are going to describe how to brainstorm in writing your blog post and keep your website relevant and valuable :

The Importance of Keeping Up Your Websites Content

Although I touched base earlier about how important it is to keep up good quality content faithfully, consistently and also why it's important, there is another reason behind it. One of the main reasons why bloggers need to keep their content new and consistent is because of google rankings. If you probably haven't heard before by another blog professionalist, Google and Bing should be your number one best friend when posting online. In order to even be online and be able to create a blog with content that people can read and enjoy, it has to be approved by google, bing or whatever search engine you want your traffic to come to.

4 Ways To Come Up With New Relevant Topics For Your Blog

1. Keep up with the trend Everyday

Since there are so many people social media sites posting about new topics every day, it is very easy to find what is being rapidly talked about on a daily basis. But it's still important to not just write about something just because it's the trend. Make sure that what you are talking about matches the niche of your blog. We live in a world where things are changing almost every minute. So what used to be relevant in 2018 is probably not as relevant anymore in 2019. The most successful blogs talk about things that are new in their industry and try to lean towards the trend as much as they can. For instance; if your blog is in the niche of teaching people about business, you might talk about the newest computer that allows business people to store tons of data. Or if you are in the niche of health and wellness, you might mention the newest yoga pants or a new supplement for energy.

People like to know what's new, so to grasp their attention and convince them that you have the latest news, keep an eye out on the newest available products within your website’s niche. To do this, you can use social media or simply search ( what are the newest products for… (business, health, beauty, home designing and etc.). Finding what's trending and hot and blogging about it is the best way to brainstorm new ideas and content into your website.

2. Ask Your Audience What They Would Like You To Write About

Another way that you can brainstorm new ideas for your next blog topic is to ask your audience in the comments below what they want to hear next. Once you get enough traffic to your site, you will be surprised by how many responses you'll get. Youtubers actually do this themselves and that is one way that popular YouTubers keep their youtube hustle going. If you've ever watched one of your favorite YouTubers, you'll notice that often they'll say “ subscribe and let me know in the comments what you would like me to talk about in my next video.”

This not only makes it fun for your YouTubers to have a chance of having their comment being mentioned in future videos but also helps them figure out what to talk about next. You can absolutely use this same strategy in creating your blog content. If your not sure about what to write about next, encourage your readers to leave you a comment below of what they would like to know next. And if you like the question or comment that they mention, take it and create it into something beautiful!

3. Pay For Someone To Write and Brainstorm For You

If you feel that you’ve got the money and are willing to pay someone to brainstorm for you, then I would say go for it! It’s never a bad idea to add another brain or multiple brains to your organization that can do the thinking and writing for you.

Many people think that paying writers can be very expensive, but believe it or not, there are available bloggers today that can write for you at a reasonable price. This is a really good method to use if you want new content on your site, and it turns out that some of the most popular blogs online today do exactly this. Some website owners even say that once they started paying multiple writers to make content for them, it helped them gain more traffic and relevancy. It seems that when websites build a team in their organization, it makes the blog stronger, more relevant and even more profitable. So when trying to create a blog that you want to have creative, fresh and unique content on your site, remember that many brains are better than one.

If you are looking for highly talented writers at a reasonable price that can write blog posts for you, I would recommend that can range from $5 - 500 for content writers.

4. See What Other Bloggers Are Writing and Reiterate In Your Own Unique Way!

Although some might think that this idea would basically mean copying and mimicking other people, it’s ok to get ideas from other bloggers. This is not to say it is ok to entirely copy their phrases word for word over and over again, but it doesn't hurt to shorten their words in your own words. And again, I want to make it clear that this is completely ok, and in

fact, some of the most successful bloggers do just this and it has tremendously helped them get ideas to talk about.

And if you think about it, many companies do this every day and never beaten up about it. Just because Myspace was one of the first social media apps to ever exist online didn’t stop other companies such as Facebook and Twitter to making social media site and adding their own tweak to it.

So if you are getting going on your blog’s content, but are running out of good ideas, don't be afraid to search the web and reform other people's articles in your own words. But at the same time, I would only recommend doing this once in a while only if you really can't think of any ideas.

Despite that this is a great method to create great blog content, I wouldn't recommend getting into a habit of this since you still want to write about ideas that most people haven't really read about yet. Only use this technique if you really need to. I would say do this only once a month or less in order to avoid posting boring, basic content that people have probably already read about from other bloggers.

Now Go For It!

No matter what you decide to do to come up with hot and new content that is attractive and fun to read for your visitors, always remember you are not alone. There are thousands of bloggers including myself that are willing to help other bloggers with tips and ideas to enhance their blogs.

Always feel free to shoot me and other bloggers a comment asking for help. I assure you most blog owners will be willing to respond to you and give you the advice you need to swim to the top!

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